Dental Nachos Presents: Dental Tax Saving Strategies with Jay Malik

Join us as Jay Malik presents essential elements of tax-saving strategies, financial management of dental practices, and leading a financially responsible and fulfilling life. He helps dentists make sound financial decisions about their wealth and shows them ways to preserve and grow their net worth. 

1 CE Credit - AGD: 550 Practice Management and Human Relations

Date: Wednesday, July 10th at 1:00pm ET

Cost: FREE! 

Location: Zoom

About the webinar:

  • Taxes are the single largest expense for most dentists but can also be the most significant source of savings and financial improvement. However, it is estimated that over 95% of dentists overpay on their taxes due to a lack of understanding of the complex tax system. 
  • The audience will learn how to avoid being one of the 95% dentists who overpay their taxes, potentially saving thousands of dollars each year.
  • This course is specifically designed for dentists who own their practices and want to take control of their finances, legally reduce their tax burden, and increase their net worth.
  • Sample documents and plain language explanations are included to help doctors implement tax-saving strategies and increase operational efficiency. 

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Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the causes of dentists paying more tax than they legally have to. 

  • Quantify the negative effects of these tax overpayments on dental practice. 

  • Explore specific strategies to legally get rid of tax overpayments. 



Dr. Paul Goodman

Dr. Paul Goodman is a dentist, multiple-practice owner, transitions broker, and founder of both Dental Nachos and Dentist Job Connect. Many people know him as "Dr. Nacho."

His online and virtual community of over 60,000 dentisting humans strive to help each other increase happiness, decrease stress, and reduce the number of times dentists feel like crying inside a day.

Dentist Job Connect is proud to help practice owners connect with associates dentists to share in the joy of dentistry, which Dr. Nacho describes as full contact arts and crafts.

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Featured Presenter

Jay Malik

Jay Malik

Jay Malik is a dental speaker, practicing accountant, tax strategist, and money coach. He has decades of experience working with dentists on their taxes and other financial matters and is skilled at simplifying, clarifying, and teaching financial management to dentists.

Jay is a valuable resource for any gathering of dentists and is known for his friendliness and willingness to speak one-on-one when not on stage. He is the inventor of the "Rich Dentist System℠," used by doctors all over the US to manage their finances and grow wealth systematically.

After attending Jay's presentations, dentists better understand the steps needed to manage their practices and personal finances tax-efficiently and sustainably. He uses multimedia and humorous examples to explain key elements of his topics and provides written materials to the audience.


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