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Meet the Transitions Team


Dr. Paul Goodman

Dr. Paul Goodman is a dentist, multiple-practice owner, transitions broker, and founder of both Dental Nachos and Dentist Job Connect. Many people know him as "Dr. Nacho."

His online and virtual community of over 60,000 dentisting humans strive to help each other increase happiness, decrease stress, and reduce the number of times dentists feel like crying inside a day.

Dentist Job Connect is proud to help practice owners connect with associates dentists to share in the joy of dentistry, which Dr. Nacho describes as full contact arts and crafts.

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Branden Hill

As Director of Sales for Dental Nachos, Branden uses his two decades of experience in sales and business development to help organizations and people effectively communicate their value and expertise to others.  

With experience in banking, real estate, and various businesses of any size, Branden loves helping people see the business world from multiple perspectives.  This, along with a passion for elevating the customer experience is why he enjoys working with dentists and helping them do the same for their patients! 

In West Philadelphia, he was born and raised.  The playground is where he spends many of his days.  Branden's passion for sports and healthy fair competition has driven his success in helping companies grow their revenue.

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