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Are you not doing a GPR/AGD? Are you worried about your clinical competence? Join us for an informative event with Dr. Lincoln Harris, founder of renowned virtual learning + hands-on simulation training company, RipeGlobal. 

Dr. Lincoln Harris and Dr. Nacho will discuss how you can build your clinical competency and confidence WITHOUT doing a GPR/AGD Program. 

This webinar will give you the unlock for accessing your opportunities for clinical growth and help you discover your ideal career pathway and earning potential. Do not miss out on this discussion about career-changing learning opportunities. 

Date: Tuesday, February 13th, 2024 at 8:00 PM ET

Cost: FREE! 

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Dr. Paul Goodman

Dr. Paul Goodman is a dentist, multiple-practice owner, transitions broker, and founder of both Dental Nachos and Dentist Job Connect. Many people know him as "Dr. Nacho."

His online and virtual community of over 60,000 dentisting humans strive to help each other increase happiness, decrease stress, and reduce the number of times dentists feel like crying inside a day.

Dentist Job Connect is proud to help practice owners connect with associates dentists to share in the joy of dentistry, which Dr. Nacho describes as full contact arts and crafts.

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Featured Presenter

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Dr. Lincoln Harris, Founder - RIPE Global

Meet Restoring Excellence and RIPE founder, Dr Lincoln Harris. Dr Harris’s focus has always been on excellence. His pursuit of excellence permeates everything he does. He is a full-time clinician in private practice and understands the pressures and stresses that dentists face in clinical, administration and business situations.

As a teacher, Dr Harris is unique in his strong belief about the importance of learning from and sharing his own failures. Even though poor clinical outcomes are disappointing, he sees great value in them as opportunities for what can be learned and taught. Instead of sweeping them under the rug, his view is that the meticulous documentation of these cases with photos and/or video makes it possible to wring every possible benefit from that other great teacher – Hindsight. Over the years this learning strategy from his own clinical outcomes led him all over the world pursuing extensive continuing education training in many diverse areas of dentistry.

Dr Harris does not accept dogma for the sake of an unthinking majority. He enjoys the challenge of thinking and researching, considering his own clinical observations, and drawing his own conclusions. He is well known for his frankness and his honesty. This has compelled him to rethink dental education. His own experience has taught him that theoretical learning means little until it is applied. And so, his courses focus on hands-on training and teaching dentists to understand the underlying principles needed for making clinical decisions rather than teaching a cookie cutter approach.

He believes it’s important for dentists to be able to think treatment through without needing to follow a list of steps. With his vast and varied clinical and business knowledge, Dr Lincoln Harris is highly respected in the global dental community.

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